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The 20th Annual IAACD Conference - 17 to 19th August, 2012 at Nehru Centre, Mumbai

Welcome to the annual conference of the IAACD for the year 2012. The age of technology, exploration and new discoveries beckon us. Keeping in step with the new wave, the IAACD invites you to join it on this "Asthetic Trek", a voyage into newer and unexlpored areas. In a nutshell this conference will feature Scientific deliberations which will be very modern day comprising of "Deep Dive Sessions", "Ignite Sessions", "Wisdom while you walk", "Conversations that matter" and "Flash Learning (Podium Poster)" in addition to the podium lectures and standard courses.

These programs will cover basic entry level subjects for the new entrant and will also delve into advanced topics and subjects for the veteran of IAACD meetings. In all, the "Aesthetic-Trek" promises to be a program which will take you where "No Dentist has gone before".

When you enter the Trade exhibit of this meeting, you will be transported into the future on the "Dental Ship Enterprise" and experience a completely novel approach in a dental exhibit. The exhibit will feature almost all the multinationals involved in dental products coupled with the friendly neighbourhood dental materal provider.

All of us at IAACD promise you a program that you have never experienced before and to take you where you have never been before. Register online today.

Contact Laxmi at 22-25234728, 22-25293024, 22-25298998 for more details.
Secreteriat : 302, Shubham Atlanta, R.C.Marg, Chembur, Mumbai 400071

Principal Sponsor : COLGATE Annual Partner : Ivoclar Vivadent and Supporting Sponsors 3MESPE, GC India, Nobel Biocare, Ultradent, Olive Dental, Tokuyama, Dental Ceramist and Medicept
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